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      Measures to prevent Corona virus during massage treatment


The masseuse:

-      Works with splash /FFP2 masker

-      Disinfect her hands before en after all treatment

-      Does not give headmassage when laying on the back


The cliënt :


-      Do not shake hands upon entering

-      Have forehead temperature measured before treatment (contactless)

-      Disinfect before and after the treatment

-      Answers a short questionnaire

-      Brings 1 towels to lie on at least  2 meters long ( if you don’t heve bring then 2 towels)

-      Preferably pays contactless with PIn

 -    Take a showers before




If you or your housemates have a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or increase to 38 degrees Celsius, you should stay home at least 24 hour.


Massage therapy is part of Thai Buddhist culture. The monks have been practising it for hundreds of years. Everywhere in Thailand massage is given and people regularly take a massage to relieve themselves from stress and physical obstructions.

In the Netherlands however, this does not happen so much as in Thailand. Here, stress and physical discomfort is too often accepted as part of the busy western society. My goal is to provide people in the Netherland with the real Thai massage and thereby bringing body and mind in harmony again. This is in line with the Buddhist teachings.

Sawaddee Kha, (goodbye)