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Are you suffering from pain in your neck, shoulders or lower back? Or do you have migraine?
Every body is unique .. and so is its massage treatment.
Which massage treatment suits your body best?

Thai Yoga massage

With this technique your entire body is treated by stretching it and using pressure point stimulation. By doing so, physical blockades are removed and blood circulation is stimulated. This treatment can be done using warm massage oil but also with special Thai herbs

Chair massage

Do you spend a lot of time behind your computer? And do you suffer from pain in your arms, neck or shoulders? Then this massage will help to relieve your stress quickly and effectively. I will focus on pressure points to loosen physical blockades. This treatment is possible from 15 minutes or more and is done on a special massage chair. It can be given on location (at hour home / office) too, this way surprising your friends or colleagues with a soothing treament.

Sports massage/Oil massage

For sporters to activate the muscles before training or to relax them after the training. Very suitable too as general relaxation massage. This treatment is possible from 30 minutes or more and is done on a Thai massage mat.


A hot stone massage is a massage of the body with stones of about 45 degrees Celsius. Hence the name hot stone. The heat and the 'pressure' 
of the stones penetrate deep into the muscles. The hot stone massage relieves tension and gives you a lot of energy afterwards.

Cupping massage
 Cupping is a massage technique that is widely used in Eastern medicine and was developed to attract toxins and muscle cramps from deeper body tissues to the skin surface. Because the muscles and the skin get well perfused, it becomes easier for the body to remove waste products, resulting in an overall relaxation. Cupping has a huge depth effect, because special silicone cup is applied to the skin in a vacuum.

Pregnancy massage

The pregnancy period is a good time, when many changes in the body of the (future) mother. There are physical and hormonal changes and obviously the effect on blood circulation. Common physical symptoms are holding back pain and neck moisture, pelvic complaints, cramp in the calves and poor sleep.

Attention and pregnancy massage can play a very important role in immediate relief of pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Massage late pregnancy experienced more consciously, which signals the body emits clearer. It improves blood circulation, which wastes leave the body quickly. In addition, the massage is sedative, pain-controlling, and it gives a feeling of happiness.

This form of massage is a blessing for mother and baby

Thai Herbal compress

Thai Herbal massage ensures that your mind and body come into deep relaxation. This also provides relief from muscle pain and tension.Through the scrubbing action of the bundles the pores are opened and the body is cleaned.The herbal stamps optimize the metabolism and ensure that the waste is removed more quickly and easily. After the treatment you will also have a better circulation.